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Grandstream GXV3611 HD Fixed Dome High Definition IP Camera 

Grandstreamís GXV3611 HD camera includes a 2-Megapixel progressive scan CMOS sensor and advanced lens while delivering multi-rate H.264 real-time video streaming with a maximum resolution of 1,600 x 900 and at frame rate of up to 25fps.

Grandstream GXV3611 LL Fixed Dome Low Light IP Camera

Grandstreamís GXV3611 indoor fixed dome IP cameras provide an unobtrusive indoor solution that can be easily mounted on walls or ceilings for maximum surveillance protection. The GXV3601 LL captures and streams high quality real-time video under low light conditions (as low as 0.05Lux) and up to 30fps with full D1 (720x480) or VGA (640x480) resolution.

Grandstream GXV3601 HD

The GXV3601_HD is a next generation High Definition (720P) IP camera of extraordinary power and innovation

Grandstream GXV3601 IP Camera

Grandstream GXV3601 IP Camera features cutting edge H.264 real time video compression (D1 resolution) with excellent image clarity at low-to-modest bandwidth

Grandstream GXV3601 LL

The GXV3601_LL is an advanced H.264 SIP camera that utilizes high-quality, state of art CMOS sensors with exceptional quality under
low light conditions.

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